Liberty 31

Catrin Welz Stein

Hearts are not cages

Still they cannot

Fathom freedom

The way that doves can.

It’s only human that I hope

To possess you and only human

That I hope no such need exists.


Your soul does not sing

As it was designed too.

Mine hosts a spectacle

On the planes of your flesh.

If only I could fit inside

As we were destined too

But we are not fractions

And no matter how fractured

We are still complete.


If fate had a hand

I do not remember her

Being chivalrous.

Your attention

Was hard to gather,

Fireflies in daylight

And not a jar in sight.

Your love came after

Lengthy deliberation

Cautious but willing.

I should have sought

The clouds instead

But they would not

Have weathered

My suspicion.


We are an awkward pair,

A perpetual collision,

An arbitrary revelation.

I love the way you move

Behind me, your footprints

Broadening my own

A deliberate shadow

An essential ghost.

I hope you swallow my lungs

That I should not breathe

One moment more

Than you can claim.


We are weary but set on

A similar course,

An infinite truce,

A lidded moon

That smiles to the left.

Soon the stars will fall

That is when

Captivity yields to dwelling

That is when

The wishing starts,

That is when my hair

Tumbles through

Your outstretched hands

Strand by strand

And I become me

Without conceit.


There is a tragedy

In assumptions

But if I choose you

I cannot but dream

That you will turn

And address

My propositions.

Grant me a reality

That I can occupy

Not one of my own design

But one in which

We both can host

A reality that does not

Stockpile graves

A reality that evolves

From trust and ardor.

Grant me asylum

And I shall remain there

Of my own desire.


I think this a little different from my usual style but I thought the picture begged a certain rhythm (unfortunately I don’t have any rhythm lol).