Do You Know Her?


Is she thinner than me?

Is her hair thicker?

Is it real or did a porcupine

Infiltrate her scalp?

Perhaps the implements

Of an ongoing lobotomy?

Are her breasts more ceremoniously perched?

Are they too large or too small?

I can’t tell the difference.

Would she be prettier without glasses?

Or does the magnification conceal

The decompression of those lunar orbs?

She is only partially dressed, the bed has held her

Holds her still, shes makes love to the air

A flagrantly gesticulating squirrel

To whom does she speak in those tarnished whispers?

What specter does she nurse in her white hands

That they should twist in such ungodly fashion?

What book arrogates her spine?

Does she know?

Does she know?

Does she now?


She speaks as one who does not exist

About improbabilities and the defects

That she does not wish to make known

Her references are vague like the location

Of graves laid in refurbished parcels of land

She speaks the unnamed taboo

Red threads shoot from her fingers like sparks

She’ll force you into revelation and then place you

Like communion against her existential palate

She’ll love you even when there’s nothing left

And there never is anything left once she’s buried you.


She does not accept lies, even polite ones

The only games she knows are those she plays

With herself when milking the windows for scenery

If you touch her will she vanish?

Will you marry her for the gist?

Her face is naked, it speaks too much

Can you listen with your tongue

Or does your heart still insist?

You will never understand her

In a way that consolidates reason

Do you know her?

Do you know her?

Do you know her?


This picture is part of my Planescape Torment photo series. I wanted to do a visual representation of all the factions but I have only done 2 so far. This was my Sensate photo.

This is what they actually look like the descriptor says Harlot but the Sensates honestly dress the same. I don’t have such an outfit in my wardrobe and even if I did I wouldn’t post photos of me wearing it online so I had to improvise! I didn’t bother trying to emulate the animated girls impressive/exaggerated physique that’s a battle I couldn’t win lol. I just tried to embody the playful vivacious spirit of the faction. Sensate was a hard one for me as I am far from outgoing. The poem has nothing to with Sensates I just didn’t have another picture of myself that hasn’t been used somewhere. This is an exercise I got from a book, writing about yourself as though you were an observer. I tried to use feedback/comments I have received over the years to help me construct it. I poked a little fun of myself as well. I have body dysmorphia hence the opening where I am preoccupied with size. This image doesn’t suit the poem as it does not reflect me very well, even if it is me being silly but you can probably see why people notice my hair and why Sam calls me a squirrel. Speaking of hair it is in a ponytail but it is quite heavy and well blobbish so I just couldn’t achieve that cute high ponytail look.