Photo Challenge #32 “Contained”

Contained DiphyllaDeviantArt 32

Diphylla @Deviant Art

I am paraffin, you are glass

A holocaust to my freedom

A portrait within and without

You cater only to presentation

I do not interest you

Only the pristine

The possibility

The irrevocable


A diamond would suit you

Better than a woman.

My heart might well

Furnish coal given time.

The pressure of perfection

Murders creativity

Your obelisk penetrates

My symphysis, my throat,

My aorta nothing less

Than dominion will satisfy

Your ego, your fascist wand,

Your grisly hands


I do not exist without

Possessive pronouns

My dog-eared flesh

Is still resilient

But in a few years

The war will spill

From my soul

Into my face

Into my breasts

Into my empty ovaries

Homicide or desertion

I know not which

But I welcome the change


For Photo Challenge #32