3 Words

The first incision was effortless,

The second like stirring

Ash within fossilized amber.

Compatibility is only as deep

As the intentions by which

The union is first conceived.

I will never remove you,

Those diligent cells may

Just as well be my own.

Malignancy feels beautiful

Before it starts

The intensity, the enormity

Like some grand irrevocable truth.


My incensed heart skids

Under your watch it constructs

Its meager triumphs, its weedy castles

Cut from the shadows of carnations

Your damp eyes echo piteously

Knuckles cast as stones

Into my sly silhouette

As it slithers over paper thin walls

Everyone knows that we hate

Each other, that we eat

From the same plates

And wipe our hands

On each other’s clothes.


You who are, as volatile

And unnecessary as tonsils

Have taken now my voice

I sit in silence, seething

Wondering where the pain enters

Is it the vertical smile

Thrust into my back?

Is it that smile that doubts

Your sincerity?

I know that you will stay

Because tombstones remain

Wherever they are placed.


For those of you who have ventured into my archives you might recognize a line in this poem but aside from that line I have rewritten this poem completely. The topic isn’t even the same exactly but I did keep the 3 Wordle words contained in the original: incensed, skid, damp. Speaking of Wordles though this challenge expired years ago you are welcome to use my graphic and link up entries to my blog if you are feeling inspired.


When I was young and just starting with poetry I was very much influenced by Rimbaud’s style. When I gave up writing for several years and resumed it with this blog I didn’t really have my own voice. I had no idea who I was as a writer or even as a person. A lot of my early blog poems, seem very generic to me now (the original of this poem for example). Some poems I keep largely intact when editing. Sometimes I like the subject of a poem but feel the writing itself is too cliche, ornate or whatever. Sometimes I like certain lines but feel that the message wasn’t clear or that I didn’t venture deep enough. Some day I hope to create a very beautiful blog, right now I still cringe when I think of people reading my earlier stuff. It’s not all bad of course there are some poems that did turn out to have a lot of feeling in them but I think you can understand where I am coming from just the same 😛 This poem is fictional I really wanted to capture those words.