Walking Away

Walk Away By LietingaDiena

LietingaDiena@Deviant Art

In the sole’s of your boots

I followed, piecemeal

Down the stairs

My heart’s regressing lament

Thumping like the sound

Of a secret door

Ensuing the acquisition

Of a psychopath


Only a shell can breach

Our contract and thanks

To your tending

I’ve grown empty, lucid

Like a uterus

That no longer insulates

Now that I am not a woman

I know what it means

And why I can never

Return to you


There’s a crawl space

Inside of me,

Just big enough

For a clenched fist

Gaping like the mouth

Of a well, so dark

That I’ve never seen

The bottom.

I wear it like a badge,

It’s a point of pride

That I’ve survived you.


I hope that you

Never escape blame

That everyone

Who looks at you

Sees my blood

And recognizes

At once the crime

I’ll never speak of you

I’ve expended enough time

And there’s nothing

Left to say