Jee Young Lee

Jee Young Lee

The end comes with deliberation

And a good deal more emotion

Than I am prepared to admit.

We were friends, lovers of a sort

The kind that does not exchange

Bodily fluids

As an excuse for intimacy

The sort whose proximity

Necessitates the linking of shadows

A oneness that does not

Permit isolation but air enough

For breathing (at least I found it so)

And in me you became

A weed more beautiful

Than the flower overtaken.


Perhaps it is irrational

That I should want to be the one

To say those words first

That I should be the villain.

Your new life does not include me

Your ideal life scarcely

Vents my passage

Is it so strange that I should want

To die by my own hand?

To preserve the illusion

That you might return

Grateful that it was I

Who annihilated the bridge

Grateful for my oversights

For the splinters left.


The raft of my body

Remains in harbor

Waiting for your touch,

Your foot, to continue

The voyage we began.