My lips fall like a noose
Leaving no breath to proposition
If you fell upon me now
It would only hasten my retreat
Indecision might defeat
The purpose but sometimes
It’s all that I’ve left to spark

I don’t want to fill
Your prescription
I have only the blue
And you my dear are
In dire need of red
Sometimes I just feel
Too complicated
To satisfy this quotient
And you, a victim
Of entitlement,
Never seem to understand

I sleep now as a dead thing
A moat replete with the residue
Of your wasted euphemisms
My heart can’t shake the film
Of your recovered pessimism
Until you can don’t tell me
What it means to live
(what’s real if not perception?)
I am in a lot of physical pain today hard to focus have the sense that my thoughts are jumbled. Lately I seem to be swaddled in other people’s pessimism and I am feeling a little drained and overwhelmed with it all. BTW I am locked out of Twitter and can’t seem to reset the password that is why I am not tweeting or leaving comments. I may be tweeting if WordPress does (since it was set too automatically tweet my posts) but I can’t purposely Tweet anymore. I can follow people though weird.


22 thoughts on “Dry

  1. Interesting…. I can understand the pain having kidney issues, etc. Seems we both found the picture interesting above, too. I used it from google for my poem Suicide for my brother’s memory… hope you feel better, take care!

  2. The tree of bullied children

    She stands strong
    begging them not to climb her branches
    She holds the child made noose
    as from from her loving trunk as possible
    but they come to her
    one sometimes two at a time
    driven to despair
    by cruel and heartless bullies
    there is no help
    not from their schools
    not from society at large
    She feels their pain
    and her leaves fall to the ground
    along with their final breaths.

    Who is held responsible

  3. i hope you get a break from the pain…ack…
    the last stanza covers so much in so short a time…
    everyone has their ideas on how to live…and everyone has
    advice, but they too have a much different life.

    1. I have requested multiple password resets over the course of several days it isn’t working at all I honestly think my Twitter account is beyond my reach entirely. Thanks so much!

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