I haven’t been sleeping so my brain is just rubbish. On a positive note I did buy a wrist brace and it is really helping the pain.



I have wanted for that

Which I do not possess

I have envied others

Their talent

Their beauty

Their content


I have wanted for suitors

For men over whom I hold

Intractable power

(Is worth not more intrinsic

Than opinion?)

I have wanted for the dignity

Of a well-lanned ambition

To create alien landscapes

From an eclectic syllabary

To weave dreams like Morpheus

Into starched collars

And patent leather shoes

That none may depart



I have hungered

For the prosaic

For food

For security

For a family whose love

Do not falter with utility


I have known poverty

In its literal sense

Survival above novelty

And still I have found

No absence greater

Than the human heart


Well-lanned means well-informed, knowledgeable, connected, and supported it actually comes the game Planescape Torment so it’s not technically a real word but it’s a good word so feel…

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