Chiara Fersini

Your words are distressed velvet

Weeping along the contours

Of my bones like a double-sided cloak

I press you deep and scavenge

For consent hoping that

Its’ unnecessary to confess

What we already know


The poison favored, tastes like sex

I worship death, I cast my heart

Into shallow wells

Like a wishing stone

You might be the truth

But there’s never proof enough

Only letting go


I’ll never compose

Another smile

Unless you first consign

Your destiny to mine

6 feet isn’t as far as you first suspect

We were young but not young enough

To believe that forever ever holds

Time will never give as much of you

As I am willing to accept


I knew you’d leave

When my eyes were closed

Magnets sometimes oppose,

No matter what they first intend

Life hurts worse than the converse

I gather my pride and pin it

Beneath my knees in a last attempt

But you’ve already scrubbed your cheeks

I guess we’ll never meet

On the better side of hello


I apologize for this because I didn’t have nearly enough time. I wrote this while listening to “A Thousand Kisses Deep” by Leonard Cohen