House Updates


A quick update to let you know about the housing situation. Our bid has been accepted! They cancelled additional viewings when we made the offer which allowed us to bypass the competition stage. The house is not ours yet. We will do a second viewing and inspect the house more carefully. I do not think we will hire a professional inspector (it costs 10,000 kr). After the inspection we will decide if we want to go through with the sale. I believe we will go through with it because the house is amazing and we love it XD. At any point before the contract is signed the homeowners can change their minds. So they can say that they want to do more viewings, they don’t want to sell etc.. This is a nerve-wracking stage we are closer but we don’t have any guarantees. I believe the inspection will take place soon Sam will probably schedule a time tomorrow. The current owners do not have an apartment yet so if we get the house I’ve no idea when the move will take place. The above is not a picture of the house. I will only post photos of the house when/if the sale is completed.