My lips fall like a noose
Leaving no breath to proposition
If you fell upon me now
It would only hasten my retreat
Indecision might defeat
The purpose but sometimes
It’s all that I’ve left to spark

I don’t want to fill
Your prescription
I have only the blue
And you my dear are
In dire need of red
Sometimes I just feel
Too complicated
To satisfy this quotient
And you, a victim
Of entitlement,
Never seem to understand

I sleep now as a dead thing
A moat replete with the residue
Of your wasted euphemisms
My heart can’t shake the film
Of your recovered pessimism
Until you can don’t tell me
What it means to live
(what’s real if not perception?)
I am in a lot of physical pain today hard to focus have the sense that my thoughts are jumbled. Lately I seem to be swaddled in other people’s pessimism and I am feeling a little drained and overwhelmed with it all. BTW I am locked out of Twitter and can’t seem to reset the password that is why I am not tweeting or leaving comments. I may be tweeting if WordPress does (since it was set too automatically tweet my posts) but I can’t purposely Tweet anymore. I can follow people though weird.