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I know I don’t generally post things like this but this video really touched me. I was supposed to go to the school today and register for Swedish classes but life had other ideas. Isadora and I were invited to go swimming at a lake so that’s what we did. I haven’t been swimming much since I moved to Sweden, which is a shame given how much I love water. If you read my companion blog Curious Flowers you’d know that I have put on some weight. I wasn’t feeling the whole half-naked thing and my extreme self-consciousness is probably why I haven’t used the nearby public pool.
Anyways I bought my swimsuit when I was very thin. The top was too small. I had to dig in the basement for a second suit, a suit I bought years ago when I was a a little more curvaceous. The top was too big. Without a properly fitting top I knew very well what would happen when Isadora started to jump and climb all over me. I have no problem with nudity but my own offends me terribly. I didn’t have time to purchase a suit and even if I had there are almost none left. So I wore a pair of female swim trunks and an ultra supportive black sports bra. My breasts weren’t going anywhere and absolutely no one was going to accuse me of being sexy haha