Updates and Random Tidbits

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Today I was cleaning Isadora’s room and thought I ought to check and see if she had clothes for the fall/winter I discovered that she has grown out of all of her pants! She grew quite a lot over the summer. I went to the store and bought her two pairs of jeans with the money I had on hand but I expect more shopping in the near future (school is right around the corner!). Here we wear pants like 9-10 months of the year so pants are kind of a big deal.


I have been meditating on dream house and during my visions(?) I kept imagining that the owners would be present during our viewing. This is not customary in Sweden and I have never seen a homeowner in any of the previous houses we checked out. Sam emailed me today to tell me we’ve got a viewing at 2 pm on Friday and the owners will be there. One of the owners had a stroke which explains the dark unhealthy mass I started to see in my mental images. Now I am worried about the owners, hoping I can send them some positive vibes.


One of the houses we checked out is back up for grabs (it was my 2nd favorite). Luckily the Realtor is in charge of both houses so they are going to let us check the new one out first. Fingers-crossed.


Finally I have to get my ID renewed today and it is my mother’s birthday so I might not be around so much.