I have gotten all the poems together for my new book The Necessity of Flowers and have done a few rounds of preliminary proof reading. Oloriel has agreed to work on the cover again and it is beautiful! I have put in an inquiry about editing but haven’t heard word yet. Would anyone be willing to read my book in its entirety and write a review that I can print on the back of the book? If so contact me via email kesaiserris @ gmail.com (no spaces) and I can send you a link to my google docs. The book contains a 100 poems but I don’t know the exact number of pages as it is not assembled yet.

Aside from that I am working on a poem for a magazine submission and sadly I can’t publish it on my blog as per the submission regulations but I am writing!


7 thoughts on “Reader Needed

  1. Congratulations and all the very best for “The necessity of flowers”. Oloriel is a wonderful person and a great artist. She’s also designed the cover for my novel which I absolutely love. I would love to read and review your book but these days I’m really engrossed with reading and training myself on AI technologies. Maybe later when I’m little settled?

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