Runaway With Me

I watch you clawing
the corners out of the room
and the space opens
curved and white
like a China teacup.

Each step I take draws me
closer to the center
and to you with your myriad eyes.
I watch you, watching me.
We linger a long while
and although we don’t touch
my body grows warmer.

Your smile seizes my heart.
and in one grand gesture
plucks out the woolen stitches
which give it shape and dimension.
Each lobe unravels and falls flat.
You place your own heart on top
gathering up the loose folds
into a makeshift bag.
You are the substance in me.

We huddle together
staccato and pale
like two landlocked ghosts.
Pressing secrets into each other
with tremulous lips and hands;
we speak and listen in a room
full of white noise and stark, windowless faces.
Now that it has come to this
we might as well run away together.

ran out of time