When you enter all the shadows march
single file out of the room
and the pressure inside of me
increases exponentially.

You walk over and I can see in your eyes
that you don’t see anyone else.
You clasp both of both my hands
in one of yours and I can just intuit your scent.

All that anyone can see is your shell-shocked mouth
trembling against my ear like a lunatic moth cauterizing
its broken libido over a comma-shaped flame.
I can feel in each ancillary caress an intimacy
which speaks of lifetimes shared and renewed.

We have only just met and yet I can’t keep my heart off of you.

(I am struggling with writing today. I have a lot to do with the book just now. Also I will be going to Paris in a few months for a mini vacation. I am trying to learn a little French in preparation. I am extremely excited!)