Another Life


Juan Davila


I wonder if your lips taste of the stars

as they fold in and out of an ether-laden chrysalis.

If I could kiss you, I would kiss you

until our pulses collapsed on top of each other,

until the only shape your supple limbs could compose

was the outline of my body in juxtaposition.


I want to fill my dreams with you,

to find your eyes gazing back at me

through a tremulous darkness.

We could make love with our souls out in the open

and our hearts naked as sunlight.

We could make love in the recesses of our psyches

free of affectation, in a place where magic is still magic.


If my life were truly my own you would be ubiquitous.

I would sink into your horizon each night.

our auras so concentrated, so unanimous 

in their occupations that our seams would overlap.


If only it were as simple as calling your name.

A name which I adore.

A name which I whisper alone in my room

until it lodges in my throat like a heartbeat.


It’s true that one can feel a connection 

even in isolation, that they can happen 

upon a face in a crowd and find in it memories 

that have not yet been assigned. 

Perhaps we knew each other in another life.