Pulse Live

I run my fingers through

your multifarious constellations.

The moon surrenders

to the will of your wolfish grin

and I follow madly into the night.

Unaware of the complexities

of our destiny, shared or not.


My heart is taunt with your resonance.

Each night without warning

I raise my pale face to meet yours

and expel the air from my lungs

in one long, lovesick moan.

Inside of your lacustrine eyes

I submit to lustration,

to your pretty mouth

as it falls against mine

again and again.


I want to feel your reckless pulse

like a branding iron between 

my palpitating thighs.

I want to spread you out

like a sheet and tuck myself

into your circuitous margins.

I don’t need a sign

so long as my instincts

remain intact.