Hunger and Editor Sought

Super Moon Water Reflection Android Wallpaper.jpg

Your lips pour into my crevices,

tongues converging at the seams

lucid as the portraits suspended

on the surface of a lake and supple

like the threads of a convalescing flame.


The air between us is inconsolable.

I take whatever I can forage from your lungs

but the deprivation leaves us both delirious.

Moored against you, I am drowning in the heat

of our molecules in soulful compression.


This must be how prayers come into being,

two disparate phenomena unraveling heart to heart

under an implacable and ever darkening mask.

Hunger is delicate, it doubles over itself,

it beseeches and is never laid to rest for long.

Last night and this morning I wrote three poems which I decided to submit to various magazines, somehow I managed to just get in another for my blog. Hopefully you will see those other poems sooner or later. I find I never know which poems to choose, which one fits best in the magazine that I am considering, which poem is good enough, the whole thing baffles me really.

For my 2nd book it seems that I will be in need of an editor. I have a tendency to read a poem as I intended it and miss simple mistakes so a second set of eyes would be extremely beneficial. Grammatically speaking I struggle with commas, semi-colons, and colon placement.