Writing Prompt #121 “NoEnd House Part 4″


Idle spectrums swallow my breach.

(Never soften your edges at my behest)

Everything is as I remember

Only my memories have soured.

(I am alone, I am alone, I am alone)

Drunk on echoes, we are obsolete.

A fog of rage pierces my heart

And all the recipients therein.

(I found you under a ceiling of indigenous stars.)

An audience of chairs obstructs scoffing ghosts.

(Is death ever truly sense-less?)

Every prick, twitch and confabulation

Has been revisited but the course remains unknown.

(We are freestanding doors that open on the alternate.)

We are freestanding doors that close on the indefinite.



22 responses to “Writing Prompt #121 “NoEnd House Part 4″

  1. I love these lines together and without the parentheses and period:
    “I found you under a ceiling of indigenous stars
    An audience of chairs obstructs”

    Also these:
    “Every prick, twitch and confabulation”
    “(We are freestanding doors that open on the alternate.)”

  2. Interesting, feeling so alone, but having so many inside. Are we ever truly alone? No, it just gives room for the ghosts to come out and visit.

  3. Powerful, I realy like it when you pose questions in the parenthes. of your poems, it gives it an entirely secret and alternate atmosphere.

  4. Sounds like an apt description of the unexplored universe.
    Sometimes limited to ones own sanity.

    Thank you for the new word, the prompt and for visiting my fourth room(s).

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  6. this in indeed another wonderful response to the prompt – the questioning of existence, reality as it relates to our experiences, memories, flesh in the day to day – dreaming of the future – and the intolerable sense of loneliness and worth. Superbly interesting Yves 🙂

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