Wordle #75

Week 75

Grains of rice gather above like toy clouds.

Bleary eyes collide, an inescapable distinction.

They draw each other’s names in the sand

Clipped between overlapping hearts.

Love is the soul of all consideration.

Orpheus follows his wife into the meantime

But he cannot bare her, the thought of her

Not there, in the dark, a mere simulacrum.

He draws on faculty but his lyre deafens.

A proximate memory, a curse, preserved

Behind peeled eyelids and charcoal grin.




22 responses to “Wordle #75

  1. We can not create love, nor can we make it happen – it just does, and for reasons beyond what we can consider. It is little more than the scribbles in the sand, the surf will wash away.

  2. Wow. I had to open the dictionary a few times XD We haven’t crossed paths before so I got curious when a new face liked a post. Great job. Hope to come across you again in the future.

  3. I like the idea of Orpheus following Euridice into the meantime(double entendre:) Good use of all the words and the brevity is impressive.

  4. I love the opening line. And this: “But he cannot bare her” … because he cannot get her naked. But he wants to … and in the light.

    The “charcoal grin” really gets me. Like it’s sketched on. So much sadness here.

  5. You did a wonderful job of exploring the myth – and expanding on thoughts and feelings of loss – so carefully crafted – it has become a modern-day abbreviated telling of the story. 😀

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