Photo Challenge #73, Crowned, August 11, 2015

Crown Nataliadrepina

– Natalia Drepina

She was in love with dying,

With dark men and hearts

Paper fine and sharp with

Designations of murder.

She courted assassins

With hinged, irreverent smiles

And tragic histories

Impassibly deep.

Her filthy hands prickled

With malignancies self-induced.

A bramble of twigs

Sewn into an unassuming chignon.

She played the widow,

She played the cello,

She rode the devil

Strait to hell.

No one was surprised

When her tombstone

Sprang up suddenly

In a bed of hyphenated roses

But they all grieved

Sensing within themselves

Similar vacancies.

One day their names would

Also be mounted in stone

Bits of snakeskin stuck

Between their meatless teeth.