Writing Prompt #122 “Collage 5″

Collage 5

She shudders by me,

A web of sublime predation.

I add her to my list of grievances.

We’ll make fireworks of saltpeter

And hearts of raven feathers.

She in her constant state of delirium

And her cycles of woe and excitation.

She takes off in a hot air balloon

The smudge of her mascaraed eyes accusatory.

All my promises have been retaliatory

An excuse to get closer when

The means was beyond my reach.

The means has left me gaping, uneven as terror.

I watch her, an angel, sulking in the florid air.


She’ll come again and it too will be

The last time as all the times before.

She is enough to punish any man

And therein lies her magic.