You spread in pulses

Over my unfurnished flesh.

A slather of gestures and hues

We are love, we are in pieces.

A short vibrant burst

Our electrons coalesce.

Of all the lessons failed

You are the one

I’d most like to repeat.

I call you master,

You say I’m vivacious,

That I have and render meaning.

You are neither vacuous nor indifferent.

You yield in shadows,

In manipulative alcoves

Under the glare of a violet moon.

Oh the maps we could stitch!

You are sumptuous,

Your addition fills me

I do not speak of parts or vacancies,

Only of consumption.

A sassy smile pressed into my thigh

A single kiss, inexhaustible.

We fit with sufficient force

But whoever said it has to be

Easy to feel right?




14 thoughts on “Music Friday Prompt #5 and Wordle #126

  1. This is crazy cool: “my unfurnished flesh”

    “Under the glare of a violet moon.” … I love this! I’m sure you just told that bitch to get lost. And I’m sure she will; she’s probably not at all interested in such shenanigans as these:

    “You yield in shadows,
    In manipulative alcoves”

    She has seen more than she cares to, that’s for sure. A violet moon should be alone, anyway. No one deserves to touch her. She is perfectly content to leave the math and kisses for the mortals.

  2. I started to write my typical comment–where I choose one or 2 fave phrases/images….but I would have to re-write your entire poem; it’s SO good–beginning to ending.

  3. Ha. Of all the lessons failed you are the one i want to repeat, and maybe even fail again.

    stitch those maps, to places you never thought you would go.

    this is a rather hot poem.

    flogging molly is awesome too!

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