AllureI wedge myself into

Your cavernous wallet

A photograph immutable

In a flimsy plastic sheath

A face unburdened by passage


Proliferate as nicotine stains

I infiltrate every omission

Such is addiction when free


A perennial smile

That exsanguinates fear

A love that endures gracefully

Even in confinement

You present me to strangers

With a credulous pride

She is mine can you believe it?


I slept very poorly last night and so unfortunately writing did not come easily at all! I went with something light and cute


30 thoughts on “2 ½ by 3 ½

  1. For a poet who claims her writing did not come easily, you certainly managed to conceive yet another very well orchestrated piece. I sincerely doubt I could create something this intellectual or entertaining on my good days let alone my bad. Clearly you are an ocean of poetic talent.

  2. If you hadn’t mentioned lightness, I would have remained uncomfortable about being stuffed in a wallet for the sometimes proud display … But I think there is a 5-year old me still in my 89-year old father’s bent leather wallet. Proud to be there.

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