Philosophical Quiz

Surreal-2Sometimes life just sucks. A lot of disappointments to grieve and sort. I was unable to write today. Though it is usually my go to therapy I am feeling too vulnerable and guarded to face my thoughts/emotions on paper. So I decided to do something a little different. I’ve done a quiz at Curious Flowers and decided to do another one here. Your job is simply to answer the questions and I will calibrate the results. If you are uncomfortable posting your answers publicly you can email me. If you are uncomfortable sharing your answers with me but would still like to participate I will give you the answer key. You do not need to know anything about Planescape Torment to participate. A faction is a philosophical school and though these factions are made up they do share similarities with some real world philosophical schools. This quiz is for fun so take at your own risk haha. These philosophies, have at times, featured in my poems.


What Planescape faction do you belong to? 15 possible outcomes, detailed descriptions provided

Choose the group of positive traits that represents you best (can choose more than one group)

  1. optimistic, hard-working, adroit
  2. avante garde, energetic, daring
  3. meticulous, studious, organized
  4. dedicated, lawful, vigilant
  5. logical, decisive, firm
  6. intuitive, active, spontaneous
  7. enthusiastic, curious, charming
  8. introspective, revolutionary, passionate
  9. persuasive, tenacious, self-assured
  10. charitable, tolerant, practical
  11. observant, articulate, self-reliant
  12. liberal, independent, strait-forward
  13. calm, prudent, frugal
  14. ambitious, resourceful, autonomous
  15. spirited, creative, versatile

Choose the group of negative traits that represents you best (can choose more than one group)

  1. impulsive, disorganized, short-tempered
  2. strict, unforgiving, judgmental
  3. inscrutable, spacy, erratic
  4. suspicious, intolerant, forceful
  5. pessimistic, defeatist, unstable
  6. creepy, unemotional, solemn
  7. perfectionistic, boring, obsessive
  8. opinionated, bitter, loud
  9. stubborn, haughty, impatient
  10. conceited, selfish, patronizing
  11. workaholic, gullible, indecisive
  12. frivolous, immature, hedonic
  13. unreliable, confused, weird
  14. greedy, manipulative, ruthless
  15. destructive, confrontational, disrespectful

What is the meaning of your life?

  1. To escape the karmic cycle of death and rebirth
  2. To discover the laws that govern the universe…knowledge
  3. To unite and move in accordance with the universe
  4. All things are bound to decay…I believe in entropy…let the world destroy itself in its sleep
  5. There is no meaning or purpose to life
  6. Life is a test and I strive that I might realize my true potential
  7. To discover the truth and to help others realize it for themselves
  8. To live life to the fullest
  9. Freedom, independence, the pursuit of self-sufficiency
  10. Clutches throat…pretends to choke…passes out
  11. Peace and the pursuit of justice
  12. Vengeance…ensuring that those who are unjust are punished to fullest extent of the law
  13. Wealth and power I want to live well while I am here
  14. To eliminate and/or reform corrupt political and bureaucratic systems
  15. I am the center of my own universe

Choose an activity (you can choose more than one)

  1. Join a gym or take up martial arts training
  2. Attend a TED talk
  3. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  4. Travel
  5. Take or offer a self defense class
  6. Teach a class on self-empowerment
  7. Join the citizen’s watch
  8. Get an offshore bank account
  9. Build something of substantial size
  10. Publish an autobiography
  11. Try your hand at graffiti
  12. Hand out seditious literature
  13. Open your own business
  14. Reduce your possessions until only the essentials remain
  15. Play in the park like a child

What job would suit you the best?

  1. A police officer or detective
  2. An accountant
  3. An actor/actress, artist, poet or musician
  4. A mortician or coroner (I am not good with living people)
  5. A scholar or scientist
  6. A judge or warden
  7. A merchant
  8. Unemployment (I’m more the starving artist type)
  9. Journalist and/or activist
  10. I’m a Jack of all Trades
  11. Carpenter, blacksmith construction worker
  12. A teacher or orator
  13. A politician or surgeon
  14. A criminal
  15. A custodian or nurse

Do you believe in a Creator (mark all that apply)

  1. Yes and I believe that I have been provided with everything essential for my success
  2. Religion is a hoax to make money…there is no God
  3. I believe everyone has their own truth…the majority is always wrong
  4. The only constant is change
  5. We are all sinners every one of us…the human race has gone to hell
  6. The universe is governed by laws even if those laws are not readily apparent. I am on the side of science. There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the existence of a Creator
  7. I believe there is a common heartbeat…an innate natural wisdom something along the lines of the Tao…
  8. Yes and I’m it berk
  9. There is no hidden meaning or purpose behind is what it is
  10. Religion is an effective method to earn money and obtain power…survival of the fittest
  11. I am devout perhaps even fanatical in my beliefs
  12. I consider myself to be a very open-minded person but I don’t presume to know all the answers!
  13. Life is suffering
  14. Claps hands together excitedly…question…question
  15. I believe in entropy…in decay…if there ever was a Creator they appear to have given up on us a long time ago

Pick a symbol

  1. A mirrored N (used to represent Nihilism)
  2. The atomic symbol (used by Atheists)
  3. Yin/Yang symbol
  4. A circle with giant A (Anarchy)
  5. A heart
  6. A dollar sign
  7. A self portrait
  8. Scales (used to represent justice)
  9. An anvil
  10. An ankh with wings (battered but still standing)
  11. The bio-hazard symbol
  12. Omnidirectional arrows with a center circle (used to represent chaos)
  13. A quill
  14. A guillotine
  15. A vulture

Do you keep your word?

  1. I would say anything to get ahead
  2. I swear allegiance to no one
  3. I am efficient I speak when necessary and I do what needs to be done
  4. You can’t trust anyone
  5. I will expose the truth
  6. If you lie to me there will be a price to pay mark my words
  7. An eye for an eye
  8. I prefer signed agreements
  9. If I’ve promised you anything chances are I’ve forgotten
  10. I prefer formulas…people are difficult to predict
  11. I don’t exactly abide by the laws if you get my meaning…
  12. Not always
  13. I fulfill my contracts to the best of my ability
  14. The only word I value is my own
  15. Barring a mental breakdown or extenuating circumstances yeah

Pick the quotes or sayings that coincide with your thinking

  1. “Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change.”
  2. “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water.“ Bruce Lee
  3. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe
  4. “What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine, unless you take proper precautions.”
  5. “Watch me, Hear me, Smell me, Touch me, Taste me … Know me”
  6. “If you were a dog, what kind of shoes do you think I should wear? Well?!”
  7. “I think, therefore I am…dangerous”
  8. “To Err is Human, to Punish is Divine”
  9. “If everyone is dead then why don’t I remember dying?” “If we’re all alive then why don’t I remember being born?”
  10. “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” Buddha
  11. “Singing pounded me in the ocean waves. Without sight, without hearing, I perceived the radiance and the music such was my Source, the origin from which all lives spring.”
  12. “Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched”
  13. “One hundred kips all lined in a row, take an axe, some oil and a match, ninety nine kips lined in a row”
  14. The world I desire

    Is the one wrought

    With my own hands

    Is it Narcissism that

    Levitates my pulse?

    Or masochism?

    To shout savagely

    Into a backhanded wind

    That I belong

    Only to myself  (I wrote this one)

  15. Justice is a knee in the gut from the floor on the chin at night sneaky with a knife brought up down on the magazine of a battleship sandbagged underhanded in the dark without a word of warning. Garroting. That’s what justice is.” Joseph Heller