Without effort or effect

You became that which I sought

Who is this woman

Who answers to my name

In a voice of origin?

I, who have been

So sullen in her company

Have never known her

To possess, a smile


Whose hands are these?

Darkened with gathering steam

I want for naught

For eternity

For skeins of red thread

With which I might sew

A singular star into

My thread-less bones


I am happy to say I finished cleaning! I am sad to say I had no time to write so this comes to you in a hurry



Two Quotes


Never ravage the glutton

They will only ingest

Those poisons to which

They have grown accustomed

Ascetics I find are much the same


The only promise

That remains infallible

Is the current one

So long as I live them

My dreams will never die


I was out much of the day so I didn’t manage to write a full length poem. So I wrote to short poems/quotes

2 ½ by 3 ½

AllureI wedge myself into

Your cavernous wallet

A photograph immutable

In a flimsy plastic sheath

A face unburdened by passage


Proliferate as nicotine stains

I infiltrate every omission

Such is addiction when free


A perennial smile

That exsanguinates fear

A love that endures gracefully

Even in confinement

You present me to strangers

With a credulous pride

She is mine can you believe it?


I slept very poorly last night and so unfortunately writing did not come easily at all! I went with something light and cute

Stand up

andyvanoverberghe_circlesofquanta7_thecycle_by_andyvanoverberghe-d6nmja0She is a call to heaven

The darkness around which

Stars are posthumously hung


My clay feet know

Both earth and sea

But the sky aspires

Higher and higher

With every extension


With my vertebrae

Horizontally stacked

I could go on forever

For a circle ends

Exactly as it begins

But if vertical,

I will undoubtedly fall

(I stand up

In spite of fear)


I carry you in silence

For it is through silence

That melody is relayed


My pulse struggles

Under the pressure

Of our overlapping breaths

Together we are imperishable

For no wrath exists

That can dissolve regard

While I Still Dream



Is a courtesan

Summoned nightly,

Arms twining around

A delicate neck,

I draw red wine lips

Against a paler flesh

Chasing amnesia,

In eyes as sensual

As cascading lilacs



With your smile

All I need

Is your belief,

Your soul


To nostalgic intimacy

Take me back

Before oblivion

Consumes our love,

Take me back

While I still dream




I wrestled

With your ambitions

This morning

Coffers of diversion

Unsent letters

Oceans of unshed tears

Spirited away

By imagination


You are the fetish

That incites

Even the most

Hapless stars

To bend

A curiosity




From every room

You’ve driven out

The corners

In broad daylight

I crawl leprous

Over the walls


The engorged cavities

Your capacious muse



Your genius


The most

Compelling webs



Our apartment

A nanoliter

At a time


I live with a genius as you know. Geniuses are curious lot. Our apartment is very small but alas the genius cannot put away his tools lest he be unprepared or discouraged when inspiration strikes. My genius has many hobbies: sewing, painting, writing, computers, wood-working, mechanics and electronics, cooking, mathematics (he invented another form of Geometry), and on and on.  Sadly I am not very good at organizing!

Love is Freedom




Unlace me

Like a pair

Of thigh high boots

Because of you

I walk

Without guile

Because of you

The rage

Of pseudonym

No longer



From your lungs

I draw the sky,

The plumage

Of an effortless



I find it very challenging to write on the weekends and this weekend I have a sinus headache and a case of chaos head so forgive me if the quality of my work went down. Next weekend is my daughter’s birthday celebration so it is a bit crazy haha