surreal_tiger_portrait_by_sophieartx-d60eanuI was not prepared to exonerate praise

I am subcutaneous, an indelible will

That feasts on skeleton keys

And condemnation

I do not know how to be loved

Much less distinguished


My lips deny the passage

Of stereotypes but sincerity

Is impossible to exclude


Curious but oft nullified

By an aversion to ceremony

I am gripped by your candor

But the epithet does not integrate

With my own diminished esteem


For many, including myself, praise can difficult to reconcile with self perception. I sometimes find myself completely bewildered by compliments. I’ve even looked around the room when someone is being complimentary in order to locate the subject! On an entirely different note my vertigo had subsided to a nice generic dizziness but this morning it returned full force.


30 thoughts on “Epithet

  1. This is lovely Yves and I think you raise an issue that so many of us have to deal with as well. Receiving compliments is not easy, I well understand the looking round the room idea, but sometimes if you have time to reflect, and I have dealt with this recently, even though you yourself don’t see the praiseworthiness, the people who are delivering them do, and so they are not doing it for no reason. Its sometimes about understanding that others see us in a different light to the way we see ourselves and we have to be gracious in accepting the lauds that they see fit to bestow upon us. So it is polite to smile and thank them. For the person doing the bestowing its about them feeling good that they have had the opportunity to give you the praise they see you are deserving. Sorry I think I just got on my soapbox…I hope that made sense.

    1. It makes perfect sense Michael because this is the very conclusion I came to that allowed to more graciously accept compliments. I still blush and get thrown off guard at times. I am still shy but I am able to accept them now without protest

      1. That’s wonderful hear, you wonderful woman you!
        It was the same when I retired and I would have been happy to walk out the door and leave it at that but my sister in law once said to me that when you leave a job after a long time in it you need to give the people you work with the opportunity to say goodbye. So I grinned and did it all and I’m pleased it did.

    2. Aw Yves, such a beautiful poem..and Michael you are so wise. I actually tell people in Assertiveness Training Workshops exactly that. To put down a compliment (oh, this old thing for example) is putting down the perception of the person praising you or your clothes etc. I used to have a difficult time with compliments but had no problem giving them. Now, I LIKE IT!! 😀 {goofy smile}…hope the dizziness wanes…if it is vertigo, it takes up to 3 months to completely go away…yuck…be careful driving.

  2. we often feel the need to wonder at the sincerity of praise if we dont know or trust the person delivering them.

    But, of your work, you must trust that those who return do so by desire to view the beauty you share.

  3. Wonderful poem as always, and I do hope you can accept the praise that is so very much it’s due. And yours more generally for your always flawless expression. 🙂 🙂

  4. It feels as tho there is a perfect mix of simplicity of being and inner soul between your words, each poem being like a trace of pulse, vital sign. I love your poems because they snap me away from lethargy right away.
    You will bet even more used to the praise when your book is out! Hope the vertigo gives you a break

    1. Awww that is such a sweet thing to say =) I really hope you guys like the book

      I wish it would it is especially intense when I lie down so I am having trouble sleeping and now I am getting a cold again I just got over one my immune system is just rubbish

  5. An excellent thought, your poem. What others see you as is always a surprise to ourselves. But knowing who we are makes it easier to accept praise and criticism.

    I am intrigued by the art work.

  6. This is wonderful. I too feel the urge to look around the room when I compliment comes my way. Sometimes I want to shuck it off and give someone else the credit. In my job I’m an editor yet I never take a byline. Why? I don’t know. Several have tried to coax me into doing it but I simply will not. When someone steals my art and uses it without permission I think oh well that’s ok. Make sure to mark your art thought would be my advice because it’s so beautiful and for that I do want credit. Does that make sense? I guess because it comes from within and my outer expression for some reason needs validation. Who knows. I am captivated by your poetry and also your art. I needed a mind break today from my crazy world, your blog is a great place to get lost! Have a blessed day! I’ll be back. I’m going to bookmark it so I can find you! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much =) I do try to find the names of the artists and sadly sometimes I cannot find them to give credit. I do try to use free wallpapers and backgrounds that are open for public use. I will have to be more cautious about making notes

      1. Oh no don’t do that. I was sharing how I feel about mine. I love them so much I really thought you made them. They are so lovely. It’s your blog you can do as you wish. I merely wanted to share my admiration for you art/words/visual images. I hope I did not offend you. I love your work.

  7. It is a strange feeling to look around, deny the praise is for you, realize it is, and still not believe it. You have my sympathy for the vertigo. It has been six months since my last attack of it. What a nightmare!

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