I am a thousand needles

Persuaded by degrees.

Dishonesty is my tribute

To years nestled naked

Between the floorboards.

My visions stem

From intrusions

Of the heart.

I have come

To expect violence,

Periods of fear

In which not but dreams

Can survive.

If I stay “I” will perish

And “We” will rise

Hundreds of unfinished faces

There can be no space

For forgiveness,

No allowances

For your perversions

If I am to live

And I will live.


10 thoughts on “Wordle #122

  1. I like the realization and strength in the end. We have to live in a way that honors ourselvews and there may be people that dont understand it – or why we do what we do, or have to. But we have to live ina way that honors ourselves.

  2. Very powerful piece, to me personaly it gives a sort of weird strenght, especially reading the closing lines, it calls for joy of affirmation, joy of good acceptance I guess.

  3. Your poetry is so dense and rich. I love it. Always a turn of phrase that slides across my neurons like a remarkable refinement of the familiar…


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