Wordle #112


Thunder spills through

Your shimmering steps.

A sodden yard,

A park at rest,

Jets of rain douse

Curbs and streets

In motley mirrors.

Status has no significance

When cloaked in weather.

We all spew the same

Inconsequential drivel

In our rush for temperance.

Page after page, our lives

Simultaneously up in flames

Such a simple thing rain

The difference between

Life and death and still

We detest that which makes

Of us a flawless mess.

During my rest break at school I like to take walks along the canal. The area is quite beautiful and historic. The ducks usually cheer me up when I am caught up in my own gloom. I love the way they just waddle right up, give you the once over, quack a bit, and waddle off again when you don’t have any food. Sometimes they don’t even bother waddling off they just turn around. Yesterday it was raining but I had my walk anyways even though it meant going back to class all soggy. Today I didn’t go to school. I wrote about it on Curious Flowers, my health issues, and on top of that I am experiencing some very weepy Depression.