Music Friday Prompt #7 and Wordle 121

I do not wallow

However long I linger,

Hope still illuminates my circle.

What incentive have I to obfuscate

When you will only misunderstand?

We strike out, not against our own cliches

But against those who shine the mirror.

My heart strains and scatters.

I hitch my breath,

Words race past

My unmentionables.

If posed I cannot but answer.

Every corner of every room

Is filled with my story and yours.

Blood biting into the concrete,

Gossip is always indiscreet

Believe me when I tell you

That nothing makes sense.

Grey is the only philosophy

That encompasses the full spectrum

Of the human dichotomy.

If I struggle it’s only because

I have room enough to deliberate.

Nothing burdens quite like

The freedom of choice.

The ground beneath me

Buffering, the sky above me

Buffering, and your words

Are only abbreviations

Of conversations will never have.


My writing has been pretty crappy lately and for that I apologize. I am going through some heavy emotional stuff and that is about all I can say other than it seems to be taking all I have just to breathe.