Quiz Time! What Is Your Alignment?

This quiz based somewhat loosely on the 9 alignments defined in D&D. Leave your answers in the comments and I will get back to you with the results!


1. What are your feelings on charity.

  1. I donate to respectable organizations. I think it is better to attack the problem at its source.
  2. I give whatever I can spare money, clothes, food, shelter, even employment if possible
  3. I believe in survival of the fittest
  4. I donate only when it is of benefit to me
  5. I believe in the adage “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” Help in such a way that it promotes independence.
  6. It is the responsibility of those who have to help those in need.
  7. I go out of my way to harass the weak and less fortunate. I do not like useless people.
  8. I do not wish to see others suffer and will help when possible but I am primarily focused on my own survival.
  9. I give to both charities and individuals frequently. I want to help out however and whenever I can.

2. Is man good or evil?

  1. Where there is light, there is also darkness.
  2. Man is fundamentally good but requires guidance and structure.
  3. There are all kinds of people in this world.
  4. Man is opportunistic and parasitic by nature.
  5. Man is essentially good.
  6. Man is good but easily confused.
  7. Man is easily corrupted.
  8. Man is self-serving and erratic.
  9. Good and evil are social constructs, man is part of nature.

3. Pick One

  1. Curious and curiouser still
  2. Playful and creative
  3. Volatile and mean-spirited
  4. Responsible and sincere
  5. Disciplined and traditional
  6. Calculating and ambitious
  7. Narcissistic and shrewd
  8. Open-minded and friendly
  9. Practical and aloof

4. How is your temper?

  1. I am rational and even-tempered
  2. I hold grudges and plot revenge
  3. I never forgive a slight
  4. I am a little moody but forgive and forget quickly. Humor helps!
  5. I rarely get angry and favor peaceful resolutions
  6. I have a very violent temper
  7. I am easy to annoy and when I am pissed I am a real handful
  8. I keep a tight reign over my feelings.
  9. I am very slow to anger, compassion and mutual respect are vital in relationships.

5. Let’s talk about friends/family (f/f)

  1. I am sensitive and put others before myself. F/F are everything.
  2. People come and go it is important to value them while they are a part of your life. I only burn bridges if it is necessary/unavoidable.
  3. I only value those relationships that are conducive to my success, all others are expendable.
  4. I raze bridges to the ground. I do not play nice with others.
  5. I have had the same friends for many years. Loyalty is very important to me.
  6. I come first in any relationship as long as they recognize that they can be of service.
  7. I have a difficult time with relationships and tend to be a loner. However, I do value greatly those relationships I manage to forge, however, fleeting they may be.
  8. F/F are my top priority. My relationships end on amicable terms I do not desire to burn bridges.
  9. Relationships can be a distraction, I do not enter them lightly but once committed it is for life.

6. How would you describe your moral stance?

  1. I live by a code that others may consider unethical. I like order.
  2. I only obey those laws which I find convenient or beneficial
  3. I follow my heart and while that sometimes puts me at odds with society my intentions are good.
  4. I frequently find myself at odds with society. I go my own way. I believe in chaos.
  5. I take things as they come.
  6. I strive to be a good person and to do good in service of others.
  7. I am interested only in sating my own desires and impulses. I live for the rush.
  8. I live by a strict code of ethics and believe firmly in hard work and discipline.
  9. I believe in honor and duty. I have a strict moral code.

7. Let’s talk prison systems

  1. Prisons should focus on rehabilitation.
  2. I believe in capital punishment. Prisoners need to be punished for the crimes not rewarded/coddled.
  3. Taking away a person’s freedom is punishment. Focus on rehabilitation and reintegration with society. If they have meaningful work when they get out they are less likely to return.
  4. Prisons should focus on discipline.

8. What is worth fighting for?

  1. My values, my family, my country. That said I prefer a non violent approach to conflict resolution.
  2. I prefer the laws of nature, to the laws of man. I fight in order provide for my family.
  3. I fight for power, wealth and position. I will do whatever is necessary to achieve my goals.
  4. I fight for the preservation of order, tradition, and law.
  5. I will destroy anyone who gets in the way of my objectives.
  6. Manipulation and persuasion are the best ways to fight. I prefer not to get my hands dirty.
  7. Personal Freedom
  8. Equality
  9. Love