Drusilla’s whiskey-laden breath tears at my eyes and nostrils like a razor blade, drawing either blood or some salubrious facsimile to the surface. I turn my head and wipe my nose hurriedly on the sleeve of my woolen robe. She drags a skeletal finger through the puddle of her discarded silk scarf. An article whose beauty is apparent only in her absence. Her smile climaxes at a befuddling angle, clearly hysterical, I swallow hard. My lanky figure shrinks behind her expansive shadow, searching for an anonymity and isolation that it cannot provide.

Where is it?!” Her murky eyes race around the room like frightened mice. The wand lies at the bottom of a, as of yet nameless, marsh but I have ample reason to equivocate. “I-I d-don’t know…” I show her my empty hands stupidly, they tremble. “Confound it…I knew better than to order an apprentice online…” She mumbles under her breath. “I bet Alcazar is behind this!” She snarls spittle and flecks of god knows what spewing from her lips. “Expect lashings…” She looks down her nose at me with disgust before turning to leave.

I take a deep breath when the door slams, grateful that she regards me as little more than an insect. Drusilla does not think me capable of deception or rebellion. She thinks me defective, ignorant, and weak. Tonight while she sleeps, defenseless without her wand, I will kill her. If Alcazar does not get to her first that is.

Stories have never been my strong suit but I wanted to do something different today.

On another note

On Tuesday I go in for surgery. This was not expected. I received a letter with instructions for a LEEP procedure in the mail a few days ago. I had a LEEP procedure in 2000 to remove abnormal cells from my cervix. I was not aware that abnormal cells had been discovered in my last exam which I had several months ago. Honestly, I thought I received a letter saying it was all normal which makes this whole thing even more confusing. I am scared. My first LEEP procedure was very traumatic. It is a simple procedure but the first time I underwent it I was forcibly held down by multiple nurses and screamed at/berated continuously. I do not expect the same treatment, different country, different doctor but still it brings up memories. I don’t know what they found but I go to the Gynecologist regularly  because I am on medication for Menorrhagia so hopefully if there is a problem it has been spotted early. For 4-6 weeks I won’t be able to do extreme exercise, whatever extreme exercise means. I remember being sore for quite a while after the first operation.




42 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #25 “When the Wicked Witch Visits” and Wordle #135

  1. Powerful and intriguing tale Yves. Will she succeed? How did she manage to throw the wand into the marshes. I loved the modern touch of buying an apprentice on line.
    I hope all goes well for you this week, not too traumatic.
    Take care (hugs)

  2. Oh dear heart–I just knew something was up; please know you’re in my nightly prayers. God loves you and so do I, very much–even though we’ve not met in person. Sending a Big Hug. Valida

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I had a feeling you knew, not specifically but I knew that you knew that something was off lol However, that makes sense. I feel my writing has been different from the stress.

      1. I felt a “distance”–and my default is to wonder what I’ve done to offend, so it was good to learn you have more important/demanding issues to deal with. Not that I’m pleased you have serious health concerns, you understand–but knowing is better, and I can focus my prayers.

      2. Thank you so much =) I am afraid I have been distracted and my emotions are all over the place right now, I tend to get more quiet during times like these

      3. I understand entirely, especially about emotions being “all over the place”–Anyway, if I ever DO offend you, I hope you’ll let me know– I’ll quickly extend huge apologies.

  3. I enjoyed your story very much creepy actually! I hope your procedure goes well. Perhaps you can ask your doctor for a sedative to help calm you before the operation sometimes they do that. Will be thinking of you x

    1. Thank you Oliana =) I am supposed to take like 4 painkillers before the procedure and then get local anesthetic. I am not used to taking meds and just one pain killers makes me groggy with that many I might be sedated already lol

      1. Well that’s good then. I remember having 3 wisdom teeth removed by a surgeon. Two impacted in the jaw bone. They gave me a shit if Demerol. I was out for the twenty mins and all was fine when I come to. I’m such a chicken so that worked for me.

      2. I had 4 wisdom teeth all seriously impacted and they knocked me out, they gave me meds for home, strong ones. I didn’t take them. I just slept for the better part of that day and next day I was sore but okay.

  4. Great story, loved the tension!
    On a separate note, I wish you all the best for that LEEP procedure, hope it is much less traumatic than the last time, and do see if you can get a sedative – tell them that you had a previous unpleasant experience

  5. I disagree when you say stories are not your strong suit. You have the gift of captivating the reader and this one was a short and truly enjoyable one. Best wishes on the surgery and fast recovery.

  6. This is excellent, engaging storytelling, if you ask me.

    These are my favorites:
    “or some salubrious facsimile”
    “through the puddle of her discarded silk scarf”
    “I knew better than to order an apprentice online” (hilarious)

    I’m so sorry about your upcoming surgery. So often, the time of fearful anticipation leading up to such a thing is really the worst part. I hope you find a way to fill the hours and pass the time quickly, lest your thoughts run away from you and breed anxiety. Sending you good energy, sweetie.

  7. Hope things go well on Tuesday. I’ll be thinking of you and sending good, healing thoughts.
    And, you are a fine writer, a natural one.

  8. Despite the stress you must be going through, you’ve written a great post dear Yves … my thoughts will be with you on Tuesday … bon chance!

  9. Even though you normally don’t write “tales” or longer “fiction” – you did an excellent job here! Seriously.

    Characters well fleshed out – intriguing plot and descriptions with enough to leave us with lingering images and associations. So great piece – could call it fairy tale flash! 😀

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