arthur_rimbaud_by_raffaello_miao-d4vbq8oHis mouth tastes of soot

As if he’d seized infamy

With his outstretched tongue


13 thoughts on “Rimbaud

    1. I do love haiku I’ve been obsessed with it lately so I know its time to get back to full length pieces but I am moving so its hard to sit down and just write. Thank you very much for your comment =)

  1. Nicely done!

    5-7-5 isn’t a strict rule, just as long as it’s seventeen total syllables written in three lines.
    Traditionally there’s also some inference to nature, but writers have been breaking that ‘rule’ for a long, long time now.

    1. I think Senryu is what they call haiku that deal with human nature but I am not 100%. They weren’t 17 syllables either I had my own syllable configurations going so I wanted to whip them into shape haha Thanks so much Eric!

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