You are as cruel as thunder

A warning without

The requisite predation


I watch your lips tighten slowly

As you draw the air steadily

From my expectant womb


In your vacancy

I can divine no mercy

Only your deferential smile

In mutiny of my resolve


Long after your departure

I remain, sleeves torn in frustration

Heart relentless in the pursuit

Of aperture




I’ve mapped the stars through inversion

The reflection of a deadlocked pool

Superficially favoring a change of course


This love accumulating over time

Has grown exponentially more exhausting

I suffer from neither contrition nor objection

Only the unshakeable conviction

That ā€œIā€ as the subject have died


So much of your heart remains uninhabited

Immaculate white rooms with no juxtaposition

We sleep with our backs facing, crepuscular eyes

Seeking truce in a bilateral quarantine


I find you in the belly of false stones

Unable to extract a single door or window

From your departure, the fireplace

Winks knowingly from across the room,

There is no heat left in her body,

Only hypotheticals