Season of Love


I clutch your faded skirt

One impatient tug divests

Us both our innocence

Flowers pooling beside

Muddy feet

Laced-trimmed panties

Scarred with childish hearts

Dusty knees, indecent


Straddling my lap

Your smiling mouth

Is incandescent

No wonder,

The season of love

For I am entranced

By the virtuosity

Of your ghost constellations,

By your freckles

Spiraling wildly

Over sun-pressed skin




There was a time when your eyelashes

Were enough to circumvent reality

A time when anonymity shielded me

From your inferior brand of chivalry


Our bodies pinioned together

By an emaciated breath

I found in your shadow an outlet

For my vices, a judgment free-zone

That left us both unaccountable


Once I even knew the difference

Between retreat and entreaty

That was before rejection

Altered the rules entirely


I could perish in the gaps incurred

By your molecular recidivism

In the breadth of retreating shoulders

I’ve measured the distance between us

And determined that fabrication

Will have to suffice


I watched a movie about stalking recently and thought it would be an interesting topic to write about

Fossilize (Audio)


My heart wears an expression of mute terror

The sort of expression that is inherent in all unsuspecting fossils

Your observations pass over me like an avalanche

Every bone-shattering collision helps to soften my rage

Because unlike my morale gravity is infallible


“Blood dilutes over time”

My heart is an underfed furnace

When in school they used to shove

Firewood vertically down my throat

Now I sit clucking my splinter free tongue

In search of none negotiable rubbish


“Insanity is the display of any emotion

That defies a preexisting ambiance”

Your limp-fisted smile is the height of fashion these days

Like a guitar string that lacks a prerequisite tension

I find your voice cackling in the pursuit of others

When in isolation, I find that your register has risen

One full octave, as if there were a helium leak

In the space directly above your shoulders


I wonder if your eyes have any other orientation

Besides open/closed and if given enough time

Will I be able to force a wink out of you

Or at least an honest to goodness frown