Writing Prompt #124 “Collage 6″ and Music Friday Prompt #8

Collage 6

The wilderness thickens as I

Draw nearer the shore.

The stillness is savage

To my untrained ear

Like a bird of prey

Millimeters away

From a forgetful corpse.

In a chair the color of wept sunsets

I bleed poems from both callus and debris.

Young and cautiously permeable

I have known taboos which are

Unspeakable without euphemism

To the grave of an infancy

Sired by stone angels and brutality

To a femininity that sours on ripening.

The ability to freeze time

Requires only attention

To stand naked under

A solitary light and announce

Without reverence or revulsion

The name you have been given.

I will discard that name

With all its fictitious counterparts.

I will be a gypsy fueled

By the currents of earth and sea.

To each soul that I greet

I will pass on a piece of myself

So innocuous they will take it

At once to be there own

Like a spark in a fire that has already been lit.

We never speak to others of matters close

Only of happenings and postures.

The art of conversation exists only in novels

Right now on paper someone is framing you

For passions you can only hope to commit.

I have been struggling with writing or I guess disassociation which makes it hard to connect my thoughts.






Prompt 11 Literary Idols


I want you to write a poem influenced by one of your literary idols! If you use a specific poem for your inspirational source please share the poem or provide us with a name/title and preferably link to the poem that inspired your creation! As writer I have found a lot of inspiration from fellow writers professional and otherwise but if I had to chose I would say Sylvia Plath and Arthur Rimbaud. Had I not discovered their poetry I might never have been compelled to write my own and that is an absolutely terrifying thought considering how much poetry has come to mean to me. I was unable to choose between the two so I wrote a poem that includes elements from both poets but I will let you judge as to whether or not I succeeded lol I used Arthur Rimbaud photo here and on my own submission I will use Sylvia Plath. Again I want to apologize I realize I have been very busy lately and thus not as active or as quick to respond as you may have become accustomed to. I am actually quite slow at everything really and with Sam on vacation we’ve been making frequent trips to the country. I do not have internet access on my phone so I have been off the grid a lot lately lol


If you are a photographer share an inspired photograph


If you write blogs then discuss your favorite writers and/or artists/photographers. Who inspired you to pursue a certain hobby? Career? Change your life? Something along those lines I am quite flexible so feel free to be flexible with the prompt interpretation lol

Blog Challenge 24 Favorite Childhood Book


As a child I wasn’t really read to that often, I read to myself and whatever I could get my hands on. For a long time the only books I could really get a hold of were the ones my parents owned which were not exactly age appropriate. They did have a collection of Edgar Allen Poe poetry that I really enjoyed. When I got a little older and my mom started taking me to the library more frequently I checked out a lot of books on Norse and Greek Mythology. When I read Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” in 9th grade it was a real turning point for me. I started to write my own poetry and to pursue classical literature and poetry more ferociously. Not long after I read Arthur Rimbaud’s “A Season in Hell and Illuminations” and I knew then that I had to write.

The Divine Actor

Ken-WongArt By: Ken Wong

An ambiguous heart

Is easy to misplace

Still my odyssey shelters

No reprieve

Born to the wind

My only consolation

Is verse


I find myself somersaulting

Between this world

And the nether

Impoverished but for ink


My snakeskin notebook

Sheds culpability

Through the exaltation

Of an anathematic muse

“It’s no longer enough

For me to be one man”

I must know all men

As I know myself

And on exhausting one life

I must be ready

To assume another

That is what it means

To be a genius

To step into the maw

Of a predatory madness

And find amongst horror

The courage to speak clearly

That which is unthinkable


This poem was influenced by Rimbaud’s theory on writing. A theory that I, as teenager and young adult, embraced. To a lesser extent of course, as I am generally well-behaved. The quote is Rimbauds.