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alberto-pancorbo-artwork-surrealArt By: Alberto Pancorbo

Synthesize the flesh

Secure a link to the heart

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Half Life

half life2

I have never known

A joy like that which ignites

Behind a sealed door


Though you wear many veils

I have seen your likeness

A thousand times


How I wish that my life

Were a reflection

Of the unseen

For I will never mean

Half as much as you

Have meant to me


Face to face with you

All I see is my absence

My lips are a tourniquet

Behind which all feelings

Are remorsefully locked

I will not speak to you

Lest you undue

The fantasy I have

So cautiously wrought



I have broken down inside of these poems,

Each one a declaration of war


My heart is made of cartilage

The softer flesh has, in support

Of my deficiencies, hardened


Time does not resolve

Every dilemma

Without interference

I am certain to remain

Between the lines


I have spent too much time

Deciphering to create,

In any case, the void does not

Favor innovation


My muse is full of detours and distinctions

Sometimes I wonder what a topic implies

About the state of my immortal soul

My fictional works being especially gregarious

Lack the armament necessary to safeguard their secrets


I like to feel the words, which given my execution

Lift up from the page like Braille

I don’t need ink to solidify my grievances

They are bourne in my blood, like ruin


loss2I assign your semblance to the shadows

Of stationary objects that I might secure

Some power over where you manifest


Your side of the bed grows larger

With each planetary revolution

A night will come when I am

Swallowed completely

By these fibrous attachments


I’ve never spoken of your vacancy

Denial depends on the maintenance

Of certain superstitions and I have

Loved you too long to let you pass

From my archetype uncontested


How could I ever forget

The way you felt

Inside of me for so long

You being the locus around

Which my essence gathers