Empty Vessel

90% of outer space is nothing

We too are composed primarily of infinity

Black holes ironically are dense

They contain more substance

Than the human mind

The secret to life is not satiation

Its receptivity


What we perceive isn’t,

Our eyes discriminate shapes

There are only clusters of atoms

If we could see clearly

We’d see the connections

Not the distinctions

We’d see that we are not solidly bound

That we rise above

The reactions between our constituents

A matter of chemistry

Attraction and opposition

I find comfort in knowing

That the lines that separate us

Are just constructs of the ego

That in reality we are all parts of a whole

If I hurt you

It’s my own destruction that I undertake

If I cherish you, then I free myself

The shackles of self-hate

Still, I find the void frightening

Even knowing a vessel has no use

Without vacancy

I seek the security of solid ground

Though in reality change is growth

The only truth, is transience

Ethics are measured by circumstances

Not laws written in stone

For they do not accommodate situations

The nature of movement, is the nature of the soul

We must seek our truth in every moment

Knowing ourselves

We will act in accordance with the heart


I find comfort in the heartbeat

Of universal wisdom

In knowing that if I am open

I can unite with the divine

My beliefs are built on questions

In surrender

Curiously I am not that afraid

Of the darkness inside of myself

I know its tempered

With almost equal parts light

I write of misery

As a form of self-acceptance

I do not suffer my human condition

The variety of emotional experiences

Is fuel for the soul

For my double-edged pen

I love tears, they penetrate defense

They soften and humble

So that I can experience with greater poignancy


I love the anger

The hot energy of passion

That drives me forward when harnessed correctly

These shadows are not unacceptable

They are parts of myself deliberately concealed

I will not heal pressed under layers of filth

Only the light of realization

Can purify


I don’t believe in evil

Only pollution

We can all be cleansed

There is nothing so dark in you

That I do not also possess

Knowing the nature of self, I am not afraid

I have the freedom to choose

And I will radiate the light


(I can put my beliefs into words but I struggle putting them into a poetry)