Slithers from embrace

Blinding light


Adrift in the flux of time

Gravity dismounts


15 responses to “Dying

  1. Thank you I just saw it on someone else blog so I had to try it. I found it hard so I am really glad you liked it! I like it though so I know I’ll try again.

  2. it is intriguing to think on what life will be after….will we have as much freedom as your verse….where gravity gets off our backs…that would be nice…

  3. “Gravity dismounts”.

    A necessity if one is to navigate the afterlife in as unencumbered a manner as possible. Love the brevity and “lightness” of this one!

  4. alone
    of what once was
    curling inward
    seeking the exit
    the way out
    all zest for life
    as once luscious juices
    dripped onto the floor
    leaving nothing behind
    wilted and soft
    to the life giving branch
    everything dies

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