Week 200
I feel the steam rising in my throat.
My heart sighs like a locomotive,
if I open my mouth it will come rushing out.

I feel your fingers slide inside,
your misguided attempts to revitalize
our fizzling, featureless marriage.

I am not in favor of public opinion.
The road smells of pennies and petrichor,
I scatter red buttons with each lopsided step.

I find solace in your eurhythmia,
in the atemporal pause of a fall from great altitude.
A screenwriter could never embellish us.

You wrench my heart free with a loud pop
and sink your teeth into a rounded lobe.
I like seeing my blood in your mouth,
the knowledge that I have poisoned you.

I am really stuck right now but I had to finish this in order to move on!

11 thoughts on “Wordle #206

  1. Oh, this is nerve wrecking from beginning to end. The things being done to revitalize something that has gone beyond salvaging can be so painful. There’s this violence in your words, which is not physical and thus even scarier in its element.
    I loved this: “You wrench my heart free with a loud pop”.

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