Wordle #206

Week 200
I feel the steam rising in my throat.
My heart sighs like a locomotive,
if I open my mouth it will come rushing out.

I feel your fingers slide inside,
your misguided attempts to revitalize
our fizzling, featureless marriage.

I am not in favor of public opinion.
The road smells of pennies and petrichor,
I scatter red buttons with each lopsided step.

I find solace in your eurhythmia,
in the atemporal pause of a fall from great altitude.
A screenwriter could never embellish us.

You wrench my heart free with a loud pop
and sink your teeth into a rounded lobe.
I like seeing my blood in your mouth,
the knowledge that I have poisoned you.

I am really stuck right now but I had to finish this in order to move on!