As you know already I am moving in December. I am not sure how long this hiatus will be, it is pretty hard to estimate with so many unknown factors. I just know that I will need some time to establish a new routine, a healthy routine, as well as all the work stuff a move entails.. I may still post, though less frequently and consistently but I can’t guarantee as much, I do hope to sneak a little time for writing at least. Once we get into the actual house I might not have access to the internet for a bit. It is really hard to say! I can only say that I plan to return. Anyway this is my notice of hiatus so you don’t worry about my absence.

56 thoughts on “It begins

  1. Ive been so slack at not popping in more regularly. I wish you and your family good luck with your move, exciting and daunting together. Thanks for the heads up though! πŸ˜€ have fun! x

    1. Moving is beyond my organizational capabilities haha I hate to admit that we tend to just toss things into boxes no order whatever. We’ve never used movers before, generally it is just me and the hubbie who do everything. Thankfully we don’t have a piano or anything! Our current apartment is very small, it will be nice to get some elbow room provided it all goes well today at the bank yikes! Goodluck to you as well!

      1. moving is too much for my brain even though i am always packing & unpacking. mover wants to email 3 hours a day, m-fri, for 2 weeks & last winter , all winter. he’s bringing 2 different condos, 2 states & i have to take a tranquilizer to look at the email…everything will go well at your bank!

    1. Thank you so much XD I hope to have pictures at some point. At the moment we will have handmade down furnishings but my husband makes furniture so over time we will be replacing those with handmade pieces

  2. You are starting 2015 with an exciting and scary adventure! Good luck with the actual move, and settling into your new space.
    Look forward to pictures!
    Good luck!

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