Wordle #37 “Plain Sight”

Wordle 37 Dec. 1

Convulsive laughter maimed

The pallor of his cheeks

Left me dizzy and incredulous.

His humor was poisonous in high doses

And I had heard enough

Lacteal larks foaming with unease

Barbwire teeth arresting


I gripped the banister ferociously

Rustling the joints in my knuckles

If only I had some excuse

Some means to controvert my detainment

But there was nothing.

My eyes fell on the stairs with haste

Winding their way up

Mind splintering the crannies

Of a more tolerable captivity

If only I could hide in plain sight

A ghost in the attic

Sought only in avoidance



Wordle #37@MLMM


On a completely unrelated note

We got the keys to the house yesterday! We went to visit, it is just so beautiful! Sam has to work this week but next week he is off and we can start in earnest. I have some X-mas shopping to do as well even though we are dead broke at the moment. Did I mention the car has a serious problem? I am in every conceivable mood. I want to win the lottery.