Heeding Haiku With HA: Jack Kerouac


Cast off stilettos,

A star-crossed stumble

Through an open flame


Sunlight streams

Through the cracks

Of my slackening fist


A mirror, in revulsion, cracks

To whom should I address

My questions now?


I wanted to do more and may later but I am struggling to find my words at the moment. I am inspired to write and stuck at the same time, just too much competition in my head!





Photo Prompt #45 “Drowning”

Kylli Sparre 45

 Kylli Sparre

I remember now

Your dreams,

The lotus smile

That fell in the wake

Of maturation.

Vinegar tastes precisely

As it smells, a corpse

Upon thine lips,

A perversion of preservation

I watched you weeping

In and out of consciousness

And there was no shelter

In your choice of venue

Only mirrors within

Which even one’s name

May be forgotten.


Almost has an intimacy

Few have the delicacy

To apprehend.

I may not have understood

The nature of your affliction

(Gravity being in the heart of the barer)

But I stand now an epitaph,

A reminder to all

That lovers come and go in pairs.


Your death is mourned,

Albeit reluctantly.

Why must I admit now

Your loss when once

I held you so hard

That our auras propagated

An entirely new state of being?

Why must I surrender

At the behest of rain

When I am already drowning?




Random Note

Isadora has chicken box =(

Wordle #45 Stupor

Wordle 45 Jan. 26

A fixture, a force within which

I am blind and delicate.

I clutch the chords

Surrounding my heart

That you will not go there,

That your fingers will not ply

Music from the vacuum

Of my prevaricating jaw.


My body may be reckless

But what of my pride?

If I do not fight now

Then what meaning

Would conquest serve?


My tears come

When you are not with.

A drizzle that does not slate

The leeching of wounds

From this astral coquetry

And nothing goes quite the way

I have endeavored it.

This stupor would have me fall,

Broken at the first extraction.

Emboldened by a single kiss,

I can almost believe

That there is love in sex.


Submission for




Waking does not dispel
Such conventional horrors.
This shame, these secrets
Upon which I asphyxiate.
The scent of loneliness
Like a harbor
That does not anchor
The ships employed.
You pass into me
Assume my mannerisms
Without question of origin.
Row after row of blasphemous suits
An increasingly ill-fitting wardrobe.
A denser and less communicative core.
I step in and out of your memory
As a cicada usurps its carapace
Alone, I understand
That the only monster is fear.
Your eyes are unlit charcoals
A necrotic dust
That devours in dissemination.
When you look at me
I see my soul,
A suppurating hollow
Into which dead things fall.
A kiss that draws blood
And splinters of bone
As if the donor
Were only a meal.
Wherever the armor holds
There is sure to be a demon.
Within each closed heart
A Zenos splits its maw
With each succulent morsel
With each salt starched scale
He grows thinner, hungrier
Soon there will be nothing
Left of me to tell




We had to create a monster and then write about it and although my entry is dark I thought this was a fabulous and unique prompt. I gave my monster a somewhat alien look because I had a frightening dream about aliens recently. I was in bed, in my room and looking out the windows as I often do. The world was out of sync it kept shifting up and down. The sun had a strange diseased appearance and was only as bright as the moon. The sky looked like it was bleeding oil and there were strange alien-like shadows in the windows/on the balcony. Entities of some sort that weren’t quite in my dimension but who had a very strong malevolent aura about them. I whispered to Sam “Have you looked outside?” and he says to me “Yes but I’m more worried about what’s at the foot of the bed.” and then I woke up. I can only say you had to be there to understand how scary it was!


This about how when depressed we make our world smaller and smaller

Wordle# 44

Wordle 44 Jan. 19


The sun crumbles beneath

Freshly laundered clouds

As the detritus of a penalty

That cannot be rightly upheld.

There is a texture to my heart

Though I am neither old

Nor recently serviced.

It is as plausible as bark

A kind of porous exoskeleton

That both guards and permits.


I am valuable.

I do not have to earn the right

To be loved or to exist

Though my sensibilities

Are given often to coercion.


Perhaps I am magenta

Blinking, unreal

A gift without sender

A kind of philanthropic camera

That holds an image

Only so long as it serves

To communicate

Something larger than its own

Credulous stance.





I am not managing my time that well yet. I am managing school, necessities, and cleaning pretty well but I am still trying to find a way to get in exercise and blogging/writing. I did manage to squeeze in a little something for today!


Whenever and in whomever I die

There remains a trail as impermeable

As blood spewing from a wounded mouth

A film heedless in its application

But indelible against the clock’s

Carnivorous turnings.


There will be nothing left to fill me

Should your carnal absence

Deprive my sole occupation

All I have ever wanted

Can be surmised by the company kept

When there is no one around to witness.

In the dark I am always and never

God and monster, nightmare and aurora

A contradiction same as everyone else.

Unrelated to the post

I have been having a hard time writing lately,  as a result of overwhelming stress I think I have switched off or tuned out emotionally for the moment. Did I mention our car broke down again from another problem? We have no choice now but to buy another.

Serene in Blue – Photo Prompt #43

Lavinialeyna Deviant Art 43

lavinialeyna@Deviant Art

There are blue days

That do not lend to sorrow

But pass as ships

From harbor to harbor

Acquiescing to each arrest

With an unsinkable dignity.


In the finest hours

There lurks a heart

That will not be tamed

By lavish words of praise.

In the cruelest moments

There breathes a conscious

That will not be tailored

By external cowardice.


There are days of silence

That do not invoke mourning

And without which all music

Would seem as noise.

Such days though sober

Are not ordinarily grim.

Such days keep one’s memories

From confiscating, too long,

The present which comes

Only once no matter

How vivid its retelling.



Photo Challenge #42

Arno Rafael Minkkinen 42
Arno Raphael Minkkinen

From my timorous depths,

From the sedation of terror

Behind a veil of sleep.

Those hands

Which only an anvil

Could forge

Hold without endeavor.


There is a hum

Whenever the minuet

Wavers in orchestration.

The gritting of teeth

Often follows

The dawning of wool.

I can be whatever you want

So long as it is not me

That you seek.


The epiphany

Of a petulant God,

A savior who savors

The demise of all whom

Would follow.

Such a servant

Would not serve long

If known

And we all believe,

No matter how unjustly,

That we are horrors

In our own right.



Unrelated Update

I have had my first real day of class. My new schedule is chaotic and involves a long commute and a significant amount of standing around in the cold. I actually do have to walk quite a lot in the snow in order to get to the bus stops “When I was your age I had to walk 50 miles uphill in the snow while juggling clementines”. I can’t say I enjoyed walking along a snow covered highway at 6:30 in the morning (or waking up at 5:30 or carrying two large bags strapped to my person while dressed as the Michelin man). I don’t like walking in the dark so much and whenever a car comes I have to throw myself in the ditch because there is no real shoulder or path. There is the grumbly part of me and the adventurous part that is excited by the prospect of taking on a challenge. I don’t actually walk 50 miles btw. I am not sure how far it is but I am probably walking 2 hours through snow and rough terrain everyday. Maybe that could count for exercise or something? Anyhow I want to keep writing to my blog as often as I can but it may take me longer to respond, I have to get some practice with this new hectic routine. Sam talked to Isadora’s school and it seems they are willing to take her at odd hours (I didn’t even think schools were open at these times, her school is awesome). I have 2 days where I have to leave at 6:30 am and 2 days where I get home at 6:30 pm. My brain also has to readjust for school, I am not so quick on the uptake. Having Dyslexia I have a tremendous struggle with word order. My sentences have the right words but in the wrong places and for the life of me I can’t make sense of it. You’d think I’d be able to string  a sentence together being a writer haha

Wordle 43 “Remiss”

Wordle 43 Jan. 12

Your lips address my curves

With gratuitous familiarity,

Love has many manifestations

But this is not one of them.

Whatever excuse I apply

To our clarification falters.

We are and there is nothing

To be said for loneliness

That we cannot all attest.


You have an affinity

For parallels

For scarecrows writhing

In an unploughed field

For suffering as only fear

Can render it.

I prefer to be the victim

Unsteady, fragile, remiss.


Excess wears a jagged smile

A heart tart as an unripened currant

I desticate in the abdication of resolve

A padlock holds keyless

Around my offensive core.

I hunger for that which fades

For the death of stars,

For the ghastly lamp

For a pen that doesn’t smear

Whatever fluid chances

Upon its outcroppings of ink.


If not my pretenses

Then of what can I speak?

If only I could ditch you

Face down in our perversity

That I should never revisit

This shame, this prison, this bed

With its guttural, virulent musk.


Submission for


Social Butterfly

There is a park within visual range of our new house and Isadora has been there several times. The first day I went with her but when she saw there was another child she turns to me and says “I got this you can go home now” She made friends with a pair of sisters (not in her class) and has played with the neighbor (a boy in her class). I imagine she has talked to others as well, probably everyone within visual range. She also brought her cousin’s grandmother (not hers and not someone we’ve seen a lot) to our house so we could exchange numbers for when her cousin is in the area. She literally saw this woman on the street and asked her home to facilitate future social engagements.


So how was her first day of school?

She wasn’t nervous at all, she waltzes in confident/happy and is greeted by name by some children the moment she steps foot into the building (first day in a new school, a new resident in town). When I go to pick her up from school she has had a great day. She’s made 2 new friends. The teacher said she was really really good, she settled in right away. The next day Sam goes to pick her up and the teacher is shocked at how fast she has adjusted. She just walked in and she was part of the class. She has never seen a child adapt that quickly.


Today there was a lot of snow so she went to the park. An hour or two passes and Sam goes to check on her. She is surrounded by children (10 or so), all happily building an igloo she has hot chocolate on her face. She had started with her 2 park friends but then drawn in all these children to build this monster igloo. Anyhow Sam leaves her to play. Then around dinner I go to look for her. She is not at the house where Sam last saw her. She left saying she was going home for dinner only she has not come home.  They suggest she might be at another house. I go to that house. The man invites me in right away, I have never seen this man in my life but he and his daughter know who Isadora is and suggest she might be in a different house because they saw her playing with a little boy there. I go to that house and she is there apparently before she could go home she was invited somewhere else. I was scared but everyone was nice, the woman in the first house was actually standing outside waiting to make sure I found her. Everywhere she goes people know who she is. She loves people. I can’t say she is never shy she has had moments (brief moments). Usually though she just goes for it what the hell, if they don’t play with her she just asks someone else. I am happy she is outgoing and confident but it is also scary.  It is like the first time she saw a swimming pool as a toddler and she just jumped in dead center with a huge grin on her face.