Wordle #39 “Gold”

Wordle 39 Dec. 15

The clock skims

My anonymous chantage,

A stilettoed ghost branding

My every scheme.

The envelope sets aloof

Misshapen and sealed

Discreet and emblematic

A stunning contradiction.


Beyond its sticky cervix

Your voice throbs,

Insistent as a scar

Beneath hooded eyes.

A brume of stanzas

Undresses those parts

So oft concealed

A heart, a womb, faces

Teeming in the river’s mouth.


A truce might silence

This rivalry.

But where is the fun in that?

In you alone I climax.

In you alone

The words gather.

Whatever alias I testify to

You manage to find

Within it a way to die,

A truth that cannot

Be shucked its fibrous cloak,

A truth more valuable than gold.


I decided to go back and do the one I missed during the move. My cold which had been quite mild, has gotten much worse.