Of myself I have made a rebellion

Feasting on the carnage of my decimated emotions

I uncover my secrets through blood

Truth through the sacrifice

Of comfort


Brutality is the nature of my poetry

My heart a war-ravaged barren

From which I carefully extract

The paralyzing moments between each beat

Glimpses of the profound

Drifting dangerously between



I am reborn in each verse

Drawing forth the venom

Is the means by which I purify

Bathed in my sins

I’d come apart

If I did not write


Without a voice

These fatal shadows

Stalk, drag me to nether worlds

Tethered by the Unspoken

I’d be nothing more

Than a victim of emotion


My pen gives me strength

Through words

I grasp the unreachable

Conquer the unbearable

Gain perspective

In the face of unspeakable madness


(Randomly I started writing this yesterday but was interrupted by someone bringing me fresh raspberries, so I started today and someone came by with fresh strawberries unexpectedly, determined I tried again and my husband came home unexpectedly with pizza. This poem seems to summon food lol)


10 thoughts on “Unspeakable Madness

  1. whoah you married early! 🙂 happy you’re still going strong though, kudos 🙂
    I sure could use some food right about now lol
    the first 3 stanzas had a darkness to them that I loved, cool! 🙂

    1. I did indeed marry early even I can’t believe how long I have been married. Well maybe reading this poem will summon food for you too or maybe you have to write for it to work lol I am glad you enjoyed it =)

  2. “I’d come apart if I did not write”. How well you express the feelings of the writer. Some find it easy others agonise over every word, but there is still that compulsion to express oneself. You do it very well indeed, despite the fruity interruptions.

  3. It’s a good poem too, and I’m glad it brings good things.It’s very strong and intense.

    (Inspired (by the food aspect especially :)) I will try the experiment of writing in the kitchen and see what the impact is on my wife!

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