Tucked in the groves of my imagination

Shaded by my solitude, I dream

Released on the leaves of self-discovery


Word Painter

Interwoven with the stars

I polish the landscapes of my poems

Devising reality



I collapse inward sinking into

The hallowed ground of my imagination

Alone in the decay of my thoughts


(I will continue to read everyone’s lovely haikus and comment just because I really believe in the power of writing and in all of you. I wish I could participate but my haiku’s aren’t in traditional form as you can see and I was quite happy with them the way they turned out. Thank you so much for reading =))


28 thoughts on “Solitude Haikus

  1. Beautiful, beautiful haiku.

    All of them are good, but #3 is sublime.

    Lady Nyo. There are strains of Saigyo here, and that is wonderful.

  2. These are all three very lovely, but I think I like best #2; that last line “devising reality” really captured my heart. 🙂

  3. I sometimes think its how the words flow and the mystery of it all that makes a haiku, these were fantastic, never mind the syllables, lets make a new word for it.

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