I am working on a novel. How many times have I said that to you and then years later nothing materializes? The truth is I have finished my second book of poetry. Well I have the edited poems I just haven’t “booked them yet”. I had this feeling I’d submitted the zip file somewhere but now I think I forgot to do that bit and have just been waiting for no reason. As for my novel I am 156 pages in which is by far the longest continuous story I have ever created. Over the years I’ve toyed with different ideas and genres and I think I’ve come upon something that feels right to me, that is me. Much of my life I have been really fighting myself about this writing thing. I really want to write for a living. I am not sure it is possible or how to go about it but there you have the cold hard truth 😂 My book will be romantic/erotic/supernatural. It’s not the same book I was writing previously. Sighs. I need someone almost to stand over me with a whip and keep my monkey mind in check 😂 I will say I have written every single day on this book for some weeks so that is something! I am very proud of what has been written.


27 thoughts on “Just a quick update

  1. That’s awesome you’ve reached 156 pages on your novel. I hope you enjoyed the journey to get there. And your mention about writing every day is really important. I think it’s very valuable to make writing a habit. Best wishes on continuing the story!

  2. You having a great Friday? I laughed when I read your post because you’re going to be fine and you don’t need anyone to keep you in check. Try to enjoy the process as much as possible. It might help to not count the pages. The story might like to be liberated from those constraints.

      1. Glad to know that you’re having a good time. You have what it takes and it’s going to be a fantastic book. Sending you big hugs for the weekend.

  3. Keep going you will get there. Just the thought of writing a novel would leave me shattered.. take each day as it comes x

  4. I am so very proud of you beautiful poet. I look forward to buying your book and reading it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Great to hear from you and congrats on working on your novel – I shall be first in line to get my copy when you launch it into the world! I’ve been a bit radio silent on my blogs too because I’ve been working on a new website that should launch this week about spirituality, the tarot and oracles, so keep a look out for the announcement on my poetry blog – would love to see you at the new website and get your thoughts! Like you I’m going to do some readings on YouTube soon too as a support/content for my website and just for fun. When I’ve got my YouTube account I can then properly support and comment on your YouTube videos too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Helen so much =) I wouldn’t mind giving you a peek or two to get feedback. That is exciting news! Please let me know and I will follow you =) I have not updated my channel lately. My webcam died totally, both of them! My built in mic works poorly, and I am still not entirely comfortable using my phone for recordings but nevertheless I will endeavor to get back to my readings once I am able. There is so much going on aside from the book and I didn’t want to spread myself to thin. I really can’t wait to see your readings. I know there is much I can learn from you. I am still a novice. Truthfully I am better at doing readings in written format. I see the cards and I write and the moment I start writing it really comes together, it is the style of divining that is most natural to me but it is not great for camera. I write to think, to breathe, I write to understand. If I could I would literally write all of my conversations down before speaking them outloud.

      1. Hi- my YouTube channel is launched -if you go to my tarot WordPress blog you’ll see the first of the Pick a Card readings embedded in my most recent blog post if you want to check it out and subscribe if you like it. :). Have you been able to get going with your videos again yet?

      2. I have subscribed now. I watched a pick-a-pile and left a comment. I am so impressed with your reading. I could learn a lot from you! I did a reading not too long ago and I have one planned for today if I get the chance. My computer webcam is very intermittent and low quality. My phone has much better volume but I haven’t found a good setup yet. Do you give personal readings?

      3. Thanks so much, and I will keep a look out for your new reading. I’m subscribed to your channel (did that when you started) but I think the notification is a bit unreliable so if you want email me the link to your new video when its up to make sure I see it. 🙂 I only tend to do rare readings for myself and for long range timings (12-24 mths) because I find anything too close to now is too hard to be objective about for me.

      4. I did have it planned in my mind but I just started an internship and I am more drained than I expected to be lol But I can email you the next time I post. I’m really only interested in the past/present and the near future. I always feel I will sabotage myself if I get too far ahead because I am impatient lol I recently bought a book on spreads and I did a very interesting version the 8 Fold Path which was shockingly insightful. I was thinking about what you said in your reading and it occurred to me that I often pull a lot of major Arcana no matter how carefully shuffle. I did a spread earlier 17 cards 9 major Arcana came out. 2 Aces, and 1 court card. I was reflecting on the obsession thing you mentioned in your reading because I have been getting that a lot lately in the cards but when I inquire into it I get romantic cards like the lovers and 2 of cups and such. You absolutely have a gift!

  6. Many people do readings which they write/email on Etsy so maybe you can check that out as that would get you paid for it too. My new website is up – http://www.iotaserpentistarot.com . Come check it out when you have a moment and I’ll let you know when I start on YouTube (probably June). 🙂

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