Wordle #55 “April 6, 2015″

Week 53

We meet again

Over bales of

Newly-pressed cumulus

On streets that run

Vertical like zippers

In a world that neither

Of us finds worth

The compromise.


Ninety-nine years

Are necessary

For the glue to set.

An epoch initiated

With the stutter

Of two voices colliding

At great speed

Over incalculable gaps.

We speak with our eyes

Closed to avoid theft.

A soul is nonnegotiable

And I’ve no thread to spare.


The bevel in an ancient mirror,

The schism of my flesh,

Like a hymen torn,

Like a heart shattered


You occupy the swatches

Between my stitches

The bare calcified flesh

The currents of rubbery sinew

The interstitial rifts

Of my sordid crest

An album ambiguous

In retrospect.

I was never the girl on paper.

This was a tough one!!!